Awake through the night

Stitching masks for the daylight

The only light coming from

The dying ember in his eyes


His fire flickers on the walls

Revealing the ghosts beside them all

Silently existing while only whispering

Attempting to find their place


The shadowed knights

Swear their life

Forever will they guard

the source of dimmed light


Yet he sits alone

Soot covering his trembling hands

And the only comfort he receives

Comes from the disguise he creates


The silent knights watch in terror

As their light dwindles down

The disguise adorned by their source

Will soon smother out the fire


A terrifying darkness then surrounds

The shadows bound to the wall

Their home a barrier to the world

Now just a graveyard, all devoured


With the fall of his friends

The dying ember fades to grey

With one final stitch

Only the remnants of day remain